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IS NOTHING SACRED? How had I not heard that a group of brain dead sacks of douche made a sequel to A Christmas Story? First the Fat Boys break up, now this?


Go to Amazon where you can buy this turdpile on BLU-RAY!

A note to anyone involved in this project: YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

Daniel Stern, we loved you as the adorable nerd Cyril in Breaking Away and as the voice of the older Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. You have broken my heart. I know it’s been a long time since the Home Alone and City Slickers series. I’m sure you were well compensated for those films, so there is no need for you to trample on a classic. Shame on you. Shame on the writer, director, producers, cinematographers, gaffers, key grips (ESPECIALLY the key grips).

Damn. May the ghost of Darren McGavin haunt you all for the rest of your days!