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First klepto-cokehead-trash heap Lindsay Lohan plays Liz Taylor, now horse-faced Miley Cyrus will play Bonnie Parker in a tv miniseries? Pardon me while I vomit. Twice. Naaaaay – three times (do you like that horse pun?).  Already the purveyors of absolute shit TV, Lifetime really has outdone themselves. Hilary Duff was already clowned by Faye Dunaway for reprising her role in a remake of Bonnie & Clyde. Luckily, production of that film was halted.I can’t wait to hear Faye’s response to this one.

Cyrus couldn’t hold Dunaway’s sweaty undergarments in that role. No one could. Leave well enough alone. But this is Hollywood. Why shouldn’t someone want to remake a film that literally changed the landscape for American filmmaking and while doing so, cast a shitty teen TV personality/”pop star” in the iconic lead role? Makes sense to me. Almost as much as casting a crackhead to play the hottest woman to ever grace the big screen.

Yeah, she looks like Liz…

Rant over.