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The hilarious and sad documentary tale of one delusional Milwaukee man, Mark Borchardt, and his attempt to make a feature film Northwestern, who fails to secure funding then decides to finish a horror short called Coven with the help of his dysfunctional family and his now-sober but still wasted best friend, Mike Schank.

One day I was partying in my basement and I always used to get, like, pissed off inside cause I would wanna party really heavy and no one else would, ya know? And then all a sudden Mark came over and, uh, either I had a bottle of vodka or he had a bottle of vodka, but anyway we were drinkin' vodka and I was so happy that I found someone who would drink vodka with me, you know? So, um and then, Mark would drink vodka with me all the time. We'd uh, you know, I'd go over there all the time and we'd buy a fifth of vodka and we'd share it, you know, and uh, that really made me happy.

Is that what you want to do with your life – suck down Peppermint Schnapps and call Morocco at 2 in the morning?

Here is Mike Schank, dropping supreme knowledge: