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Here’s her AWESOME take on the newest James Bond film:

“It was a big waste of time, and it had no point, and i didn’t get anything about it, and i think we should have not even watched a movie, and we could have just went somewhere to eat. All it was, was a guy kicking people in the nostrils and shooting. It didn’t make any sense because he died at the beginning and he came back alive. And then this girl came and she did the same thing. It was a big waste of time because you sat there and watched people kick each other in the face. My grandpa yelled out “indeed” in the middle of it and my uncle was blocking [my brother’s] drink.”

CLASSIC. Hopefully, I can get her to do more of these when she sees movies. This is the best thing I’ve read all year. Unfortunately, I have yet to see Skyfall to corroborate. I guess I’ll have to do that soon…

Chief Nostril Kicker for Mi6, James Bond

Chief Inspector in charge of Nostril Kicking for Mi6, James Bond