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What. The. Fuck?

What’s this boy talkin’ about?

This is the first rant I’ve had in months. I can’t begin to tell you what an awful idea this is. From the original article on Deadline.com: This film will attempt to carve out its own identity by being redrawn as an edgier R-rated comedy in line with 21 Jump Street and The Hangover.

While 21 Jump Street had a few funny parts, The Hangover was terrible. And no chance any scene in the remake will ever touch the awesomeness presented here:

Joel Silver is the one responsible for this. He is now dead to me. DEAD. So he produced John Hughes‘ version. I don’t give a shit. He also produced all of the Lethal Weapon sequels, all of which are crimes against cinema. Fuck The Matrix as well.

What a joke.

Weird Science is my favorite John Hughes movie as described here. This one hurts. Badly. Fucking Hollywood and their bullshit.