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2008 National Board Of Review Of Motion Pictures Awards Gala

As news crossed the wire today that Philip Seymour Hoffman had passed away today at age 46, the result of a drug overdose, I wanted to not believe it was the case. Unfortunately, the news was true. There are few actors working today that have the range that Hoffman had, able to work in comedy and drama with equal aplomb. An accomplished stage actor as well, the acting community has lost one of its most talented members. His turn as Phil Parma in Magnolia and Lancaster Dodd in The Master are what I would consider his top two performances, and I don’t doubt that Paul Thomas Anderson will miss him most as he directed Hoffman in both films.

This loss is crushing. I feel most sorry for his three young children who will no longer have a father. The acting community will bounce back from this loss as they have so many times before. I wish Hoffman‘s family the most sincere condolences as they try to come to terms with this senseless loss.

Here’s a link to an article I wrote before The Master came out detailing what I think are his five/six best performances.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hoffman.