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It’s been a while since I did an out and out rant about something stupid that Hollywood is doing, so lucky for you here’s another one:

Jason Sudeikis playing Fletch in a new origin film based on the Gregory MacDonald novels which spawned the iconic Chevy Chase films Fletch and Fletch Lives in the 80s.

fletch - using the whole fist

You using the whole fist, doc?

It was bad enough when Kevin Smith had wanted to restart the Fletch franchise using Jason Lee in the title role. Now this. I understand it might be a new take on the material, less comedic and grittier, but I really have to ask, is this fucking necessary? Perhaps Hollywood execs should spend more time poking around on The Black List for original, thought-provking scripts rather than reimagining films that fucking worked the first time around. And Jason Sudeikis? Fucking really? Were Colin Quinn or Sinbad not available? I’m just not sure they could have chosen a less funny person other than those two to take the role.

I may not be funny, but I do wear funny hats!

I may not be funny, but I do wear funny hats!

Hollywood’s obsession with repurposing existing films/franchises/tv shows/video games/board games, etc. needs to fucking end and the only way that happens is if people don’t pay to see this shit. So it’s on you folks out there. Don’t pay your hard earned money for shit like this. You’re better than that. Do us all a solid and buy Long John Silver’s instead.

End rant.

Now, watch Chevy Chase holding it down in the original: