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I haven’t seen anything this funny or stupid in quite some time. It’s almost like the folks who made Sharknado are trolling us all. With a poster this fucking bad, you might think The Onion has entered the fray, but alas, this movie is really for real. And really all one needs to know about this is that Kirk Cameron is involved so it’s bound to be laughable.

His motivation for making this films is spot-on Cameron: “My hope for Saving Christmas is that families all across the country will join with my family in putting Christ back into Christmas.” He’s back to get us atheists out of his holiday armed with a big candy cane and a snow globe. That’s Kirk – always bringing the fire.


Here’s the awesome trailer:

And here is a funny clip of Kirk and his buddy-in-arms against evolution Ray Comfort discussing God’s design of the banana specifically for human comsumption…only to be refuted in a quick minute:

And who better to save, Christmas than Kirk Cameron? God dispatched his finest soldier, yeah?