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blazing saddles - poster

So, in another genius move by Hollywood, the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles is getting remade…as a fucking animated film about cats and dogs called Blazing Samurai. SIGH. How can this even happen? What is Brooks thinking allowing this? Blazing Saddles is one of the funniest movies of the 70s and the best western comedy ever. Example:

How the hell is the guy who animated the first two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies (Chris Bailey) and a story artist on Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon (Mark Koetsier) going to do justice to the humor and quality of the original while making it a family friendly animated film? The whole point of the original was that it wasn’t family friendly.

And if this new film doesn’t reprise this scene:

the filmmaker clearly don’t know kids’ humor very well.

Fuck it. End rant.