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vacation 2015

So, in the infinite wisdom of Hollywood executives, someone decided to do another version of Vacation telling the story from Rusty’s point of view as he takes his wife and kids to Wally World 30 years later. Jesus Christ, really? The first rule of filmmaking should be, “Don’t touch anything that John Hughes wrote or directed.” European Vacation (even though Hughes wrote it) and Vegas Vacation were fucking tragedies. Christmas Vacation had about three parts that were funny (Shitter’s full!) but as a whole was incredibly uneven. So why do this? It can’t even compare to the first one which is a stone cold classic.

I don’t think Anthony Michael Hall is having anything to do with this nor is the original Audrey Dana Barron. Clearly a fat Chevy Chase needs the $$$ and that’s why he’s involved.

This movie is just a bad idea all the way around. Good to see that the folks in LA are really focusing on original, interesting material. I blame John Francis Daley most of all here. I loved his work in Freaks & Geeks, but give me a damn break. One original script and a sequel to it and this is how he repays the film going community? SIGH.

Here’s the red band trailer if you want to subject yourself to it: