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macbeth - fassbenderYES FUCKING PLEASE. I’m so pumped about this movie. Michael Fassbender is the finest actor working today (RIP, Philip Seymour Hoffman) and anything that he does is worthwhile viewing. Last year’s criminally underrated The Counselor was amazing and Fassbender was a big part of why it was. According to master filmmaker Monte Hellman: “Except for one serious flaw, which I won’t discuss publicly (and which becomes less and less important the more I watch the movie), it’s so far superior to every other American movie last year, it makes me wonder about the level of eye care and vision in my fellow passengers.” I love it, too, Monte. His turn in Best Picture-winning 12 Years a Slave was nothing short of mesmerizing. He plays a bastard as well as he plays the hero/anti-hero. And his unforgettable turn as Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen‘s first feature Hunger is what I would call the best performance of the 2000s thus far. This guy brings it every movie.

Marion Cotillard is no slouch herself, having already won an Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose and has captivated in everything from Inception to The Dark Knight Rises and Rust & Bone.

macbeth - cotillard

Macbeth is directed by Justin Kurzel, whose critically acclaimed first feature The Snowtown Murders seems like a solid precursor to a screen adaptation of the Bard’s Scottish play. Plug co-stars David Thewlis and Paddy Considine, and you have the makings of something special. I can’t wait for the trailer to drop.